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Mock Exams

Mock Exams

Ten mock exams for both the CSSE 11+ and (CCHS) Chelmsford Girls exams were held at Pro-Tuition this year. This experience proved crucial in their exam preparation. It will give students the confidence to deliver their best despite the pressures of the day. 

 The exams take place under stringent conditions similar to those they will experience on the day of the actual exam. The exam papers will be marked and discussed with them in the discussion workshop immediately after the exam. The 11+ mock exams are also open to non-attending students.



1. Saturday 13th April 24

2. Saturday 11th May 24

3. Saturday 1st June 24

4.  Saturday 13th July 24

5.  Saturday the 7th Sept 24


1. Saturday 27th April 24

2. Saturday 18th May 24

3. Saturday 22nd June 24

4.  Sunday 14th July 24

5. Saturday 31st August 24

5 Hour Exam and Workshop

Time: 12:50pm - 6pm

Cost:  £70 per Mock Exam

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