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English Tuition

Students receive support and practice in their literacy, writing, spelling, comprehension and analytical thinking. Irrelevant if a child is behind or already exceeding in class. Our English Tuition is designed to help students improve from where they are at. Literacy is not only a core subject in school but an essential life skill which benefit all areas of their life. At Pro-Tuition we support your child is all these core skills:  


  • Reception to GCSE

  • Comprehension, inference and evaluation of a passage. The answering of questions in full and complex sentences.

  • Grammar and Language skills.

  • Spelling

  • Writing - including different writing styles and the proper use of punctuation and descriptive words.

Your child will be assessed during their free educational assessment on their reading, writing, comprehension and spelling ability. Based on the results, we can identify the areas to improve and plan your child's lessons accordingly. Unlike maths which are topic-based, English has a much more holistic approach, and it will only improve when all these different areas are successfully applied in their work.

English Tuition in Dunmow

At Pro-Tuition, we work with you to ensure that you receive the best English tuition in the region, whatever level you’re at and whatever your goals are. We’ll deliver the same passion and interesting lessons at every single session, whether you need to improve your English skills for confidence speaking and reading at reception and primary school, the 11+ exam, or for the GCSE English exams. 

The experienced English tutors at Pro-Tuition in Dunmow provide a space for you to learn the structure and underlying concepts of English that you’ll need for exams and in your life, but do it in a way that makes learning fun! 


For primary and reception school, the team at Pro-Tuition deliver some of the best confidence building techniques and teach the core concepts behind English in fun and interesting ways. Children need to be kept engaged during English tuition, and our team provide the perfect environment to learn the confidence that you need during primary and Key Stage 3 English classes.

Get in touch today to find out more about the vibrant learning community at our Dunmow tuition centre and begin your learning journey as soon as possible.

English Tutor in Dunmow

Our English tutors are all well-experienced and operate from our OFSTED registered premise, giving you the peace of mind you need when you’re coming to a tutor for English lessons. At our Dunmow tuition centre, we provide an expert level of teaching to help you with every stage of your English education and exams, no matter your expectations or ambitions. Get in touch to excel and reach your goals when it comes to your English studies.

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