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Maths Tuition

Maths Tuition

Pro-Tuition is supporting students in numeracy across Keystage 1 -GCSE.  By freshly explaining key concepts, consolidating it and building their knowledge and skills step by step, students grow in their confidence and start applying themselves in the classroom.  Many Maths concepts are built on previous foundational concepts of understanding.  If your child has missed or not grasped some maths topics, they may very well struggle with the follow-up topics to come.  For example; a lack of understanding with Fractions will result in difficulty in Decimals and Percentages.  Many students who struggle with their Maths in later years are because of gaps created in their early years.  Some times it is just a mental block and can easily be resolved by another teacher explaining it in another way.  

The free educational assessment helps to identify any gaps in their knowledge.   It will enable their teacher to hone in on those areas, break it into bitesize topics and explain it again.  Homework will be given each week to consolidate what had been practised in class, and we only move on once your child is secure in that skill.  By working on each child's level and ability, they instantly start getting their answers correct, which subsequently build their confidence and help them attempting the next or more challenging concepts.  Students excel under this nurturing approach and show rapid progress.  Pro-Tuition are well resourced, and by applying various interactive learning styles, puzzles, software and traditional paper-based resources, we keep your child engaged and concentrating throughout the lesson.  Teachers have these resources available to teach each concept as effective as possible to your child, ensuring their success.

Maths Tuition in Dunmow

The Pro-Tuition team provide maths tutoring to students of all ages, from Key Stage 1 to the 11+ and GCSEs. Whatever you need help with – whether understanding the core concepts or just working through specific problems – our experienced teachers can help you with the whole array of maths-related issues. 


Our team helps to give you the confidence you need to tackle maths problems on your own, whether you’re in Year 1 or getting ready for your GCSEs. We’ve helped countless primary and reception school students with their maths skills and confidence and can’t wait to start working with you. 


We offer a fun and vibrant space for you to explore the topics, making sure that the lessons aren’t boring; at Pro-Tuition, we believe that students learn maths best when it’s taught in an entertaining and engaging fashion. 


At the tuition centre in Dunmow, we help to engage students with maths and show that everyone can understand the core concepts behind the subject. For 11+ exams and GCSE Maths tuition, there’s no better tutoring service in Essex than the Pro-Tuition team. 


Get in touch to find out more about our Dunmow tutors and begin to excel with your maths confidence and to succeed with your maths exams.

Maths Tutor in Dunmow

Our maths tutors are all experienced teachers with a passion for teaching maths, delivering the same level of attention and expertise during every lesson. Our Dunmow tuition centre is OFSTED registered to put you at ease and demonstrate that when it comes to maths tutors in Essex, we know what we’re doing. We can’t wait to start working with you and helping you to excel at your maths exams, whether for your primary education, the 11+, or for GCSEs.

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