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Private Entrance Exams

11+ & Private Entrance Exams

11+ Grammar School Preparation and Private entrance exams require from students as young as Year 4 and 5 to master advance skills in Maths, Literacy, Reading, Writing, Comprehension and Cognitive Reasoning. Pro-Tuition endeavour to equip suitable students with the skills needed to give them the best chance at success.   Your child will be assessed during their free educational assessment on their maths, reading, writing and comprehension.  Based on the results, we can make an honest recommendation if we feel a Grammar School will be the most appropriate school for your child.   We do NOT recommend 11+ preparation if your child is not already excelling in school and have the natural ability to cope with the high academic standards of the 11+ exam.  

During 11+ and private entrance exam preparation, the emphasis will be placed on the curriculum topics, not yet covered in school.  New topics will be taught by experienced, qualified 11+ teachers, consolidated and practised in exam questions for students to apply their knowledge accordingly.  They will be extended in their maths, reading, inference comprehension skills, writing as well as verbal reasoning.
All our teaching will be aimed at the CSSE (Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex) and the (FSCE) Chelmsford County High School for Girls exam.  
Preparation for all the major Private Entrance Exams are similar to the 11+ practice but narrowed done to the specific exam requirements for each school.   Several mock exams for both the 11+ as well as the private entrance exams are held in an exam setting at Pro-Tuition.  This experience proved to be crucial in their exam preparation.   It will give them the confidence to deliver their best despite the pressures of the day.

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