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Pro-Tuition supports in Primary and Secondary students from reception to year 11.  As teachers, we understand the challenges of teaching a variety of abilities and skillsets in a traditional classroom.   We strive to meet each child’s needs and to fill the gaps, consolidate or extend each student according to their ability.  These five steps are how we do it:

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Step 1: Free Educational Assessment

For us to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, a

60-minute, in-depth educational assessment needs to be completed.  He/she will be tested on their reading, writing, spelling, comprehension and maths.   We need to establish your child’s understanding of the curriculum and the areas they can improve on or be extended.  We provide you with immediate feedback and a proposed plan of action if we feel Tuition will be beneficial. 

Step 2: Individual Programme of Study

Based on the assessment results and feedback from you, we will evaluate the results and agree on a plan of action.  Some students are behind in certain areas.  Some students lack confidence and need some topics to be re-inforced while others are already ahead of their peers and need to be extended.  An individual programme of study will be drawn up for your child, ensuring them reaching their potential.

Step 3: Who, When & Why

Your child will be paired with the teachers suitable for his/her needs.  You will select the most convenient lesson time and day from the available options and complete the necessary enrollment paperwork.

Step 4: Tuition Time

Your child will attend their one-hour tuition session at the same time every week with the same qualified teacher.   Having the consistency of the same experienced teacher every week, help build relationships and effective goal setting.  All teaching is individual and takes place in a session of no more than four students. 

Step 5: Progress

Teachers plan each session based on your child’s targets and their progress in the lesson.  Students are constantly assessed to streamline planning and parents receive weekly verbal feedback after the lesson.  



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12a Oak Industrial Park, Chelmsford Road, Dunmow, CM6 1XN, Essex, United Kingdom.


Tel: 01371 238 040

Unit 5, Knowles Farm, Wyckes Hill, Maldon, CM9 6SH, Essex, United Kingdom

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Book a Free Educational Assessment

We offer you a FREE assessment, which is a 60-minute session designed to help us all understand where your child could benefit the most from tuition.

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