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What we Teach

If your child is behind in class, struggling with some concepts or subjects and reluctant to get their homework done because they lack confidence, Pro-Tuition is here to help.  Not all students have to be behind in school.    Most students are the "Invisible" kids. They are not struggling enough to get extra support and not exceeding enough to be extended.  They may just need that extra boost in their understanding to help them grow in confidence.   Your child may even be ahead of his peers and complete his work in minutes while the rest of the class are still attempting the work.  Extra tuition is ideal for taking your child to the next level or help them prepare for 11+ /other entrance exams or securing the highest possible level for their GCSE. 


Pro-Tuition is supporting students in numeracy across Keystage 1 GCSE.  By freshly explaining key concepts, consolidating it and building their knowledge and skills step by step, students grow in their confidence and start applying themselves in the classroom.  Many maths concepts are built on previous foundational concepts of understanding.  If your child has missed or not grasped some maths topics, they may very well struggle with the follow-up topics to come.  For example; a lack of understanding with Fractions will result in difficulty in Decimals and Percentages.  Many students who struggle with their Maths in later years are because of gaps created in their early years.  Some times it is just a mental block and can easily be resolved by another teacher explaining it in another way.  

The free educational assessment helps to identify any gaps in their knowledge.   It will enable their teacher to hone in on those areas, break it into bitesize topics and explain it again.  Homework will be given each week to consolidate what had been practised in class, and we only move on once your child is secure in that skill.  By working on each child's level and ability, they instantly start getting their answers correct, which subsequently build their confidence and help them attempting the next or more challenging concepts.  Students excel under this nurturing approach and show rapid progress.  Pro-Tuition are well resourced, and by applying various interactive learning styles, puzzles, software and traditional paper-based resources, we keep your child engaged and concentrating throughout the lesson.  Teachers have these resources available to teach each concept as effective as possible to your child, ensuring their success.


Students receive support and practice in their literacy, writing, spelling, comprehension and analytical thinking. Irrelevant if a child is behind or already exceeding in class. Our English Tuition is designed to help students improve from where they are at. Literacy is not only a core subject in school but an essential life skill which benefit all areas of their life. At Pro-Tuition we support your child is all these core skills:  


  • Reception - GCSE

  • Comprehension, inference and evaluation of a passage. The answering of questions in full and complex sentences.

  • Grammar and Language skills.

  • Spelling

  • Writing - including different writing styles and the proper use of punctuation and descriptive words.

Your child will be assessed during their free educational assessment on their reading, writing, comprehension and spelling ability. Based on the results, we can identify the areas to improve and plan your child's lessons accordingly. Unlike maths which are topic-based, English has a much more holistic approach, and it will only improve when all these different areas are successfully applied in their work.


Reading and comprehension skills form the foundation of a child's academic success and impact all areas of learning. By identifying difficulty in reading at an early age will give the child the key to unlocking their academic potential for years to come.  Your child will be assessed during their free educational assessment on their reading, writing, comprehension and spelling ability.  Based on the results, we can identify the areas to improve and plan your child's lessons accordingly. 

 If your child is behind in their reading, we will recap on the crucial phonic blends.   A structured reading program will be followed suitable for their reading age which will improve their fluency as well as testing their understanding.  Reading will be set as homework alongside complimenting writing activities, not only enhancing their reading but also their spelling and writing skills.  
Once the gap between a child's reading age and chronological age has been narrowed down, the focus will move from their reading back to their general Literacy skills; focusing on a combination of language, grammar, spelling, writing and comprehension exercises.

11+ & Private Entrance Exams

11+ Grammar School Preparation and Private entrance exams require from students as young as Year 4 and 5 to master advance skills in Maths, Literacy, Reading, Writing, Comprehension and Cognitive Reasoning. Pro-Tuition endeavour to equip suitable students with the skills needed to give them the best chance at success.   Your child will be assessed during their free educational assessment on their maths, reading, writing, comprehension and spelling ability.  Based on the results, we can make an honest recommendation if we feel a Grammar School will be the most appropriate school for your child.   We do NOT recommend 11+ preparation if your child is not already excelling in school and have the natural ability to cope with the high academic standards of the 11+ exam.  

During 11+ and private entrance exam preparation, the emphasis will be placed on the curriculum topics, not yet covered in school.  New topics will be taught by experienced, qualified 11+ teachers, consolidated and practised in exam questions for students to apply their knowledge accordingly.  They will be extended in their maths, reading, inference comprehension skills, writing as well as verbal reasoning.
All our teaching will be aimed at the CSSE (Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex) and the Chelmsford County High School for Girls exam.   Preparation for all the major Private Entrance Exams are similar to the 11+ practice but narrowed done to the specific exam requirements for each school.  



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Book a Free Educational Assessment

We offer you a FREE assessment, which is a 60-minute session designed to help us all understand where your child could benefit the most from tuition.

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