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Reading & Comprehension Skills

Reading and comprehension skills form the foundation of a child's academic success and impact all areas of learning. By identifying difficulty in reading at an early age will give the child the key to unlocking their academic potential for years to come.  Your child will be assessed during their free educational assessment on their reading, writing, comprehension and spelling ability.  Based on the results, we can identify the areas to improve and plan your child's lessons accordingly. 

 If your child is behind in their reading, we will recap on the crucial phonic blends.   A structured reading program will be followed suitable for their reading age which will improve their fluency as well as testing their understanding.  Reading will be set as homework alongside complimenting writing activities, not only enhancing their reading but also their spelling and writing skills.  

Once the gap between a child's reading age and chronological age has been narrowed down, the focus will move from their reading back to their general Literacy skills; focusing on a combination of language, grammar, spelling, writing and comprehension exercises.

Reading and Comprehension Skills
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