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Is your child struggling at school, lacking confidence or preparing

for the 11+ exam?   Pro-Tuition can help!

We offer professional tuition in Primary and Secondary Maths,

English and 11+ preparation at our

state of the art Tuition Centre in Maldon; Essex.

Why not book your child in for a FREE Educational Assessment?

Every Child Matters

Pro-Tuition specialises in helping Primary & Secondary students succeed in Maths, English, Reading, 11+ and private entry exams. Our fully qualified teachers work with each child on their own individual needs and abilities. An individual program of study allows each student to catch up, build confidence, consolidate and excel in their academic success.

Love To Learn

Pro-Tuition is supporting students in numeracy across Keystage 1 -4. By freshly explaining key concepts, consolidating it and building their knowledge and skills step by step, students grow in their confidence and start applying themselves in the classroom.
  • Ofsted Registered

  • Accepting Childcare Vouchers

  • Qualified Teachers

  • Safe & Regulated Learning Environment

  • Ample Parking and Spacious Waiting Room

  • Tea & Coffee on us

Students receive support and practice in their literacy, writing, spelling, comprehension and analytical thinking.  Irrelevant if a child is behind or already exceeding in class. Our English Tuition is designed to help students on their individual ability, succeed or push ahead in class.

Reading and comprehension skills form the foundation of a child's academic success and impact all areas of learning. By identifying difficulty in reading at an early age will give the child the key to unlocking their academic potential for years to come.

  • Fun & Vibrant Learning Environment

  • Prizes & Stickers

  • Personalised Learning

  • Weekly Parental Feedback

  • Interactive Resources

  • Weekly Homework

11+ Grammar School preparation and private entrance exams require from students as young as Year 4 and 5 to master advance skills in Maths, Literacy, Reading, Writing, Comprehension and Cognitive Reasoning.  Pro- Tuition endeavour to equip suitable students with the necessary skills to give them the best chance at success.


Tuition Centre in Maldon

At Pro-Tuition, we believe that every child learns differently, and so we provide Maths and English tuition in a fun and vibrant way from our Maldon tuition centre. 


For primary school students looking to improve their Maths and English skills, there’s no better tuition centre in Maldon. Our core approach to the subjects allows you to have a clearer understanding of the key concepts and improve quickly – all while having fun. The team at Pro-Tuition believe in building the confidence of primary and secondary school students, and our classes are designed to reflect that, focusing on how to improve in an encouraging and friendly environment. 


We’re an OFSTED-accredited tutoring company with a range of qualified and experienced teachers ready to make learning interesting again, helping with students of all ages from the 11+ exams right through to English and Maths GCSE. 


Get in touch today to find out more about our English and Maths tuition, or come down to our Maldon centre to have a chat with the team.

Tutoring in Maldon

If you’re looking for a Maths tutor or English tutor in Essex, the team at Pro-Tuition are here to deliver. From our centre in Maldon, we provide a range of specialisms from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4, so whether you need help with your confidence with Maths and English, your 11+ exams, or your GCSEs, we can help.


Our experienced English and Maths tutors are all well-trained and have worked to provide expert-level tuition in Maldon for every child that needs it; whatever level you’re at and whatever your goals are, come to Pro-Tuition to see how a fun, friendly, and vibrant learning environment can get you there.

Making Learning Fun Again

Learning is made fun again with our focussed and effective teaching strategies.  By working on their own level and achievable targets in a friendly and stimulating learning environment, students immediately gain confidence and excel in their abilities.  Each child has an allocated qualified teacher who teaches them with a variety of teaching resources; including specialist computer software, worksheets and educational puzzles.  Each, one hour lesson is divided into a variety of short bitesize activities to complement each child's learning styles and to maximise their concentration and progress.


"My son loves his sessions at Pro-Tuition. Each weekly session is different and covers multiple areas of the KS2 curriculum. Mr Meyer is very professional and gives the children confidence to work well in a warm, welcoming environment."

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12a Oak Industrial Park,

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United Kingdom

Tel: 01371 238 040



Unit 5, Knowles Farm,

Wyckes Hill,


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United Kingdom.

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Book a Free Educational Assessment

We offer you a FREE assessment, which is a 60-minute session designed to help us all understand where your child could benefit the most from tuition.

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